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If you have not heard the story already, allow me to spook you senseless. Last week, there was a witchy looking lady dropping raw meat around various locations, these places were mainly playgrounds. Which I am sure had many Moms screaming as their eager children bounced over shouting, "Mommy what's this?!" Whatever was going on, it sparked fear and horror in the residents of Gastonia, North Carolina and to those who read the story. And there were also some major concerns growing, that the cloaked person was maybe performing some sort of bizarre ritual! Some people were convinced she was lacing the meat with poison to harm local animals.

I can't help but think that this ghoulish person reminds me of someone very familiar... Queen Grimhilde, anyone?

Some people thought that they had an idea of who this could be. This was after a local reporter asked people if they had seen the cloaked person.

Some people just couldn't even.

While others were in total denial of what their eyes were showing them.

Who in the hell is this freaky figure?

It looks like the mystery has been solved after Buzzfeed got in touch with Lance Calhoun, the director of operations for Southwood Realty. This was the place where the figure was seen outside.

"We had a lady come forward today and she did say, ‘That may have been my daughter. She was concerned that with all the undue attention the photos have now received she would get into trouble at school."

So we are all just scared of some prankster kid?

Why would she even put our emotions through that seriously!?

“She was dressing up like a TV character,” he revealed. “Completely innocent, completely harmless, but social media does what social media does.”

What were people supposed to think when they saw this?

Lance Calhoun is pretty shocked at what has happened at the apartment complex:

"I started leasing apartments in 1999 and I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, but this is more of the weird."

You can put your nightmares to bed now as Lance thinks

"I think we’ll sleep just fine."

So maybe it was just some teenager playing dress up, but that still does not explain why she was throwing raw meat around the town! This whole story is just a whole bunch of bizarre. Will the real cloaked woman please stand up?!


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