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Nothing quite beats sitting down and having some laughs with a few of your favorite sitcom characters. But what's one way to up make that go from great to fantastic? Include funny cameos from well-known celebrities!

Like the nature of the show itself, The Big Bang Theory has mastered this by bringing on notable names in the fields of entertainment to science. So here are 19 of my favorite guest spots from The Big Bang far:

1. Stephen Hawking

Episode: "The Hawking Excitation" Season 5, Episode 21

2. Leonard Nimoy

Episode: "The Transporter Malfunction" Season 5, Episode 20

3. Bob Newhart

Episodes: "The Proton Resurgence," "The Proton Displacement," "The Proton Transmogrification" Seasons 6 and 7

4 & 5. James Earl Jones and Carrie Fisher

Episode: "The Convention Conundrum" Season 7, Episode 14

6. Stan Lee

Episode: "The Excelsior Acquisition" Season 3, Episode 16

7. Brent Spiner

Episode: "The Bakersfield Expedition" Season 5, Episode 5

8. Summer Glau

Episode: "The Terminator Decoupling" Season 2, Episode 17

9 & 10. George Takei and Katee Sackhoff

Episode: "The Hot Troll Deviation" Season 4, Episode 4

11. Neil deGrasse Tyson

Episode: "The Apology Insufficiency" Season 4, Episode 7

12. Charlie Sheen

Episode: "The Griffin Equivalency" Season 2, Episode 4

13. Steve Wozniak

Episode: "The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification" Season 4, Episode 2

14. Buzz Aldrin

Episode: "The Holographic Excitation" Season 6, Episode 5

15. Jessica Walter

Episode: "The Benefactor Factor" Season 4, Episode 15

16. Bill Nye

Episode: "The Proton Displacement" Season 7, Episode 7

17. Nathan Fillion

Episode: "The Comic Book Store Regeneration" Season 8, Episode 15

18. Brian Greene

Episode: "The Herb Garden Germination" Season 4, Episode 20

19. Judy Greer

Episode: "Season 4, Episode 20" Season 3, Episode 21

Those are just a handful of the great people the show has brought on. Since it's still on the air and gearing up for its ninth season (and renewed through season 10), I'm excited to see who they have join the cast for a guest appearance on the show next.

(Source: Youtube, CBS)


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