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Everyone knows that redesigns are common when it comes to any kind of long-running piece of pop culture. Sometimes it's for marketing purposes, other times its because CGI allows for new, fresher looks to characters, but seeing revamped versions of the characters we grew up with is nothing new.

Here are 13 characters that have undergone some serious transformations since we first met them. Are they better or worse? I'll let you guys be the judge

1. Merida

Original design date: 2012

Redesign date: 2013

After a petition arose against Merida's Disney Princess lineup look, Disney removed all of the new images of Merida and replaced them with her original film design.

2. The rest of the Disney Princesses

Original design date: Various

Redesign date: 2014

The Disney Princess lineup has always been subject to slight adjustments for marketing sake. But in recent years, these redesigns have become noticeably different from their original designs. People seem pretty torn as to whether these changes were made for the better, so I'll just leave that up to you guys to discuss in the comments section.

3. Rainbow Brite

Original design date: 1983

Redesign date: 2014

4. Strawberry Shortcake

Original design date: 1980

Redesign date: 2013

5. Bob the Builder

Original design date: 1998

Redesign date: 2014

6. Powerpuff Girls

Original design date: 1998

Redesign date: 2014

This redesign was used solely as a comic book cover. After enough people complained about it, Cartoon Network stopped releasing it in stores. Good news is that the series is set to be rebooted in 2016, and the designs look really similar to the originals.

7. Bugs Bunny

Original design date: 1940

Redesign date: 2005 for Loonatics Unleashed

*Edit: One of the commenters just informed me that this isn't exactly a redesign of Bugs Bunny, but more of a distant relative of Bugs. So, really, it's more like some kind of crazy evolutionary madness.

8. Scooby-Doo

Original design date: 1969

Redesign date: 2002

9. My Little Pony

Original design date: 1984

Redesign date: 2010

10. Arthur

Original design date: 1976

Redesign date: 1996

This one might be for an older crowd. Arthur's original look came from the Arthur Adventure book series which first came out in 1976. The first book in the series was titled 'Arthur's Nose' in which he considers fixing his nose after being taunted, it ends with him deciding against it. Once the show first aired in 1996, however, it seems like Arthur went through with the nose job.

11. Alvin and the Chipmunks

Original design date: 1983

Redesign date: 2007

12. Mickey Mouse

Original design date: 1928

Redesign date: The Mickey we are more familiar with today came about around 1939 with The Pointer

I guess it's hard to consider this a shocking or controversial redesign. Over the course of decades, Mickey Mouse's appearance has been shifting and changing before our eyes. But it's still interesting to see how far this character has come since his first appearance as Steamboat Willie!

13. Dora the Explorer

Original design date: 2000

Redesign date: 2014 for the spinoff series Dora and Friends: Into the City!

So, what do you think? Were these changes for the better or worse? Let me know in the comments section!

(Source: Smosh, Buzzfeed)


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