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The Harry Potter world is rich with sub-plots, Easter Eggs and mysteries that fans continue to still attribute meanings to. And while they're at it, nothing stops them from coming up with little gems of wisdom of their own, proving that their love for the series is very real.

The following fans have taken their Pottermania to the next level. Take a look at the nine times they understood how wonderful the films really are:

1. When someone realized that Hermione and Matilda have quite a bit in common

Which house would Matilda get sorted into, do you think? My bet is Ravenclaw!

2. When someone imagined how guilty Malfoy must have felt

3. When someone imagined Snape as a Christmas tree and it was incredible

Oh, Snapemas tree! Oh, Snapemas tree! How lovely are thy branches.

4. When someone rightly realized that it was Harry Potter weekend every weekend

And I'm not complaining!

5. When someone thought Dumbledore's reaction in the movie was a bit over-the-top

Watch the full scene, in which Dumbledore loses his shit at Harry, here:

6. When someone compared Harry to Snape

Yep, they basically look the same. The sallow skin, the dark, heavy outfit and that shoulder-length, greasy dark hair framing his face in curtains makes them twinsies.

7. When someone wondered if the girl next to Crabbe was in fact his twin

She kind of looks a bit like Goyle too, to be honest.

8. When someone took Remus' symbolic name to the next level

Werewolf McWerewolf II has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

9. When someone said Voldemort wasn't all that bad

Perhaps he's got some decency after all!



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