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When Cosmopolitan published this list of celebrities looking super hot in their gym gear, there's no doubt that I was quite inspired. Though, the longer I look at the pictures, speaking from a mere mortal perspective of course, I can't quite work out whether I'm more inspired to get my butt to the gym or reach for another slice of cake. Because, lets face it, who actually looks that good in the gym? Do celebrities not sweat? Do their faces not glow like a scarlet beacon of embarrassment at the mere sight of a treadmill?

Apparently not. Sigh.

Here's a list of famous ladies who look absolutely too-good-to-be-true in their sweats.

Karlie Kloss

Jessica Alba

Demi Lovato

Elle Fanning

Selena Gomez

Kylie Jenner

Kristen Stewart

Jennifer Lawrence

Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid

Miley Cyrus

Lena Dunham

Kendall Jenner

Kim Kardashian

Vanessa Hudgens

Hilary Duff

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Allison Williams

Jennifer Lopez



(Source: Cosmopolitan)


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