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The party vibe in the kingdom of childhood dreams is getting seriously turned up a notch by visual pop artist Jose Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros and his brilliantly warped imagination.

In Ontiveros' alternative Disneyverse, our sweet and innocent Disney characters are steamrolled to the dark side, busting out the bongs, the broads and blood-splattered bunnies. Ever wondered what it could look like if Halloween's Michael Myers reared his ugly head in Wendy Darling's bedroom? Or how cracky things could get if Justin Bieber decided to hang with the Pinocchio crew?

Wonder no more...

1. Faith, trust and pixie dust don't count for a thing when Michael Myers joins the party...poor Tinkerbell.

2. Snow White has bit more on her plate than one measly poison apple now Jason's in town...

3. 'I wanna be where the people are.' Bet you're regretting that now, eh Ariel?

4. Creme de la Creme a la...Catwoman

5. Spindle vs. Krueger... decisions, decisions.

6. Yiddy Well little Snow White, yiddy well.

7. Why so...Tangled?

8. Sorry Dumbo, the ear has got to Gogh.

9. Keepin' it 'real,' boys?

10. Poor, unfortunate souls

11. Talking to Walt

12. The End

13. Getting carried away to a whole new world...

14. Stagnating


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