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Celebrities really do seem to have it all! On top of all the lavish things they can so easily buy for themselves, they very often surround themselves with more than an average four legged poochy friend! Some of these celebs take their money to the next level and chose a more unusual pet side-kick to entertain them.

I often find myself dreaming of owning a fennec fox someday, but this seems pretty normal compared to what some of these famous faces own or have owned in the past!

10. Steven Tyler - Raccoon

Steven Tyler once owned a pet raccoon when he was a kid:

"I got myself a pet raccoon. I put him on my shoulder and went fishing with it every day."

He paid tribute to his old furry friend in the very personal video for Love Is Your Name.

9. Nicolas Cage's collection of strange pets

Along with buying a castle, a fleet of Rolls Royce's 30 motorcycles and more than I can list, Nicolas also loves animals. He pumped fear into his neighbors when they heard about his two pet albino King Cobras called Moby and Sheba. Apparently, he drew inspiration for his character in Ghost Rider from his slithery friends. Nicolas mimicked the snakes mesmerizing behavior during certain scenes. Sadly, He was forced to give these pets away as his neighbors' fears were heightening.

He even once owned an octopus and felt this creature helped him with his acting. But the octopus did not find a permanent home with Nicolas and was given away.

8. Tori Spelling's beloved chicken

Okay, so maybe a chicken is not that strange for a pet, but what if I were to tell you that this chicken is called Coco Channel? The pet chicken is very loved and is carried around everywhere by this actress. From taking shopping trips to going on errands with Tori, the chicken is always by her side. Coco even comes along for award shows!

7. Michael Jackson’s Chimpanzee

The King of Pop spent some moments in his career monkeying around in the public eye. He even adopted a young chimpanzee side-kick for himself called Bubbles. Michael's furry friend joined him on business trips and was treated like a superstar in his Neverland Ranch. Bubbles had his own cot in Michael's bedroom and could pop candy whenever he liked.

Sadly, the monkey did not stay with Michael forever and was moved to an animal sanctuary when it started showing signs of aggression.

6. Salvador Dalí's Ocelot

Salvador Dali was an eccentric surrealist artist, so this unconventional pet seems like the perfect match for his personality. He called his feline friend Babou and took him everywhere with him. This was one well travelled big cat and even sparked one infamous incident. Dalí took Babou along to a fancy New York restaurant and tied him to the table leg. Soon after, a lady caused a ruckus protesting that a wild animal should not be allowed in a restaurant. He convinced her that he had just painted over his pet and the woman let the cat be.

5. Audrey Hepburn’s Deer

While filming Green Mansion in 1959, Audrey found herself a dear animal friend. The character which Audrey had to play was Rima, a girl from the Venezuelan jungle. The animal trainer suggested that Audrey should take the deer home with her to bond and the two became inseparable. The actress named her equally graceful companion "Pippin," and the pair were often seen around Beverly Hills together.

4. Paris Hilton’s pet Kinkajou

Alongside the pint-sized dogs there was this little one, she called the Kinkajou Baby Luv. But, Baby Luv did not live up to the name and famously found itself in the headlines in 2006 when it bit Paris. Maybe, it was just protecting itself from being put into a possum sized outfit like her dogs.

3. Elvis briefly owned a pet wallaby

This pet was donated to Elvis by his Aussie fans. Though he couldn't help falling in love with this lovable creature, he decided to donate it to a better home in Memphis Zoo. I wonder if this pet was allowed to step on his sacred blue suede shoes during his time with Elvis...

2. George Clooney and his Pot Belly Pig, Max

George bought Max for his ex girlfriend at the time, Kelly Preston. When the relationship ended, George took custody of Max. Meanwhile, Kelly went on to marry John Travolta, leaving the big behind. George and Max spent 18 happy years together before the pet pig passed away. Max became pretty famous during this time and even shared the same bed as George -- that was until he became too big (250 Ibs. larger). The actor once famously said

"Love me, love my pig.' What can I do?"

After Max's death, George reflected on his dear pet:

"Pigs are really smart. And he was funny, and he made me laugh. But they're work, because they'll destroy everything if you let them."

1. Tippi Hedren - Neil The Lion

Tippi Hedren was the star of the infamous Alfred Hitchcock film The Birds. Neil the lion became her family's household pet living with her husband Noel Marshall and her actress daughter Melanie Griffith.

Tippi Hedren was filming in Africa in 1969 when she and her husband noticed an abandoned house taken over by lions. They were captivated by this image and decided they would make a film about lions. It was animal trainer Ron Oxley who told them to get to know everything about lions.

"You’ve just got to live with them for a while."

So Tippi and her husband did exactly that.

The film they made was called Roar and was one of the most expensive home movies ever made! The family got along with the lion and Tippi even had wrestling matches with it.

Of course, there were injuries along the way. Tippi famously said:

"They are dangerous. Everyone in my family has been hurt."

But the family loved Leon!

Tell me a story...

Marshall, who was the producer for The Exorcist, was given the task of being the directer of Roar. Once filming and production were complete, Tippi Hedren founded an animal sanctuary called The Shambala Preserve in Acton, California. It is a place for neglected exotic animals and it's famous residents include Michael Jackson's Bengal tiger. Tippi still lives there.

I can't help but think that many of these animals would be much better off in their natural habitats, no matter how well they are treated by the stars! What do you think?

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