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Disney princesses continue to be unrealistically slim, which is all well and good, but it hardly represents the average female living in today's world.

An animator called TheNamelessDoll has put her own spin on what a real princess should look like, re-imagining them as curvier ladies that are just as beautiful.

Take a look at the results below and what the wonderful artist has to say about her fabulous creations:

1. Ariel would look even more human if she was just a little larger

Have you ever seen professional swimmers? With the broad shoulders and lean muscles?? Why are mermaids pretty much never built like that?! D:

EDIT: Apparently some people think it would be completely illogical to have a strong upper body when you have a fin to swim with. Sure. Right. Gotcha. Much sense. I’ll tell that to King Triton. :P

2. Anna is still as endearing with a few more curves

First I tried to make her muscular, but without shadowing (which would take way too long) it looked strange… So I ended up with doing something similar to Rapunzel, but without the hourglass figure.

3. A slightly fuller Belle is still beautiful to the Beast

I wanted to make a plus size princess (even though +size on Belle looks like medium by real life standards) and chose my all time favorite princess for the test.

4. Rapunzel only sees a beautiful young girl in her reflection

“You know what I see? I see a strong, confident, beautiful young lady."

5. Anastasia (although not technically a Disney princess) would have still won over Dmitri if she had Sophie's body

If you need reminding how the Russian princess really looks in the movie version, here she is:



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