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Thousand of years ago legends existed to protect the mortals and the chosen ones are their servant they were send out in the mortal world to protect against monsters, but then it was changes. The beauty of mortals gaze the other chosen ones and big mistake happen, having companion to mortals is against the law of legends, and they were cast out and it has a possibility to remove their powers, but then there was a legend having mercy with them, secretly this legend gave them some powers and told them to be watchful for there is a coming conflict in the future. The cast outed chosen ones became gifted and loyally follow what the legend says. The legend was right from what he said one of those legends traitorous character has made with a raging power clashes against other but the leader of the legends beat Him and drag in the depths of the mortal world also those under with Him, and prohibited to enter the gates of the legends again. Those gifted saw what happen the earth turns dark with the lightning clashes everywhere and lately turned normal again, and many years have come peace have been secure and no sign for darkness.

Many years have come there was a name rage who was gifted by a great power, but he doesn't know about it yet. One day together with his mother they were eating a minute later a missile strike going to rage, but his mother saved it her mother blocked it and the missile destroy their home. Rage is unconscious her mother Martha kill those soldiers but then a man who was named Mentian has a great power fight Martha, Martha didn't give up just to protect her son. Rage seen the battle until his mother wont take it any longer and die. A man in the cliff with the hood saw the battle it was a friend of Martha his name is Shawn. The armed man says to Mentian"what about her child sir?","bring him to me" says Mentian. A second later Shawn appeared and pick up Rage and disappear. Mentian was so angry and let it go.

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