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When it comes to breaking down the constituent elements of Batman - y'know, in order to work out just why he's so widely beloved - there are a whole lot of strands to untangle. On the one hand, after all, Bruce Wayne's caped alter-ego is very much a noble, jet-setting, adventure-seeking superhero. On the flip side, however, he's also a troubled, borderline-psychotic, terror-utilizing vigilante.

Which side to the hero is the more important is a debate as old as Batman, but it's notable that his movie adventures have, at least since the arrival of Christopher Nolan's acclaimed Dark Knight series, been increasingly willing to examine the darker side of the Batman.

Which, perhaps, makes this the perfect time for this to have happened:

An American Horror Story: Hotel Star Wants to Play Batman

Specifically, Wes Bentley, who's set to enter into his second season of American Horror action this fall, and who, when asked recently by Larry King which superhero he would most like to play, revealed that:

"I did always want to play Batman...I liked Batman, because he had no super powers."

Which...actually makes a whole lot of sense, seeing as Bentley has both the chiseled features and dark sense of mystery about him that playing Batman would seem to demand.

The big question, though?

Would Wes Bentley Make a Good Batman?

Well, on the plus side, he's long-since proven his ability - and willingness - to play roles in superhero movies, having gamely played Blackheart back in 2007's Ghost Rider, and Adleman Lusk in 2010's Jonah Hex.

The only problem?

He was in Ghost Rider and Jonah Hex.

And if there's one thing Hollywood doesn't like doing, it's taking chances on actors whose corresponding-genre movies have proven unsuccessful in the past. Unless, of course, they're Armie Hammer. Or Chris Evans. Or Henry Cavill. Or Ben Affleck. Or Robert Downey Jr.

Actually, y'know what? Maybe this could work out for Bentley...

What do you think, though?


Would Wes Bentley make a good Batman?



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