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There is no shortness of remarkable ideas, what's missing is the will to execute them.

This quote really resonated with me and perfectly sums up my entire review. I'm a big fan of Disney Pixar films and always will be, but I can't help but feel after films like this that the creativity we all grew up and fell in love with as kids has slowly fizzled out.

I'm not saying this film isn't creative, far from it, but the general storyline and plot of this film is severely overrated. The voice actor cast themselves are all wonderful but after the first 20 minutes of the film, even that couldn't keep this film afloat.

The idea of personifying emotions is a great one, each one having stereotypical characteristics may seem simple and slightly dull at first but for children it's ideal when it involves identifying each character. But, this seemed to stop as each character slowly blended into one another. If it wasn't explained who was who at the start, even I would have found trouble on what emotion they were trying to portray by the end of the film.

The trailer made 'Inside Out' look much better than it was, as most trailers do now a days, as it only showed the first half. As the film progressed it became more and more tedious, not just for me, but for the younger children I was surrounded by too. The short film 'Lava' prior to the movie was much more entertaining than the actual main feature.

It honestly upsets me that families don't take their children out to the cinema anymore, instead deciding to wait for the DVD or streaming it from online sites, but then it's understandable when films seem to insist on having the same basic templates and story arcs. No one wants to pay £25 for a family outing you've done a thousand times before.

Anger (L.Black), Fear (B.Hader), Joy (A.Poehler), Disgust (M.Kaling), and Sadness (P.Smith)
Anger (L.Black), Fear (B.Hader), Joy (A.Poehler), Disgust (M.Kaling), and Sadness (P.Smith)

What started out as a new innovative idea, soon spiraled into a plain and ordinary animated film involving an adventure about the main protagonist being reunited with something they lost - I would give some comparisons to this but I'm sure you can understand that this list would be far too long.

There were still some intriguing aspects of the film, ideas I had never seen before, which i did thoroughly enjoy hence the rating, but the amount of typical Disney story lines completely overruled all of this which was a shame to say the least.

I know I can hardly judge a film that isn't targeted at my own age, it's like trying to find faults in a foreign film when you don't speak the language, but I have a passion for creativity and I refuse for children to grow up without it.

So I'll say this. 'Inside Out' is a great film if you're looking for nothing more than a animated story with a main message of 'stay happy' and a deeper meaning that most Pixar movies have tirelessly repeated and regenerated throughout the years.

If you're looking for something for your children to be inspired by, watch the classics. Go back to the basics, before capitalism corrupted creativity and educate them on true Disney magic.

'Inside Out' has been in cinemas since June 19th. Watch the trailer below and make your own decision - did it really live up to the hype?


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