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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
Walter Ng

So this movie. Well I just want to make one thing clear I enjoy musicals once or twice when it's clever and well thought out. This was just a little clever. I mean let's look at the plot as a whole. They try so hard to convince you that all these characters have a connection in the movie.

And in this movie, it kinda works, I mean sure you have to suspend your disbelief once or twice, or even hold back a groan or two when the obvious comes about.
Yet this movie strangely works, the musical numbers are okay, but I think that the actors try their ultimate best to give it their all and with their efforts it makes it a tolerable movie.

With a movie like this it's best to look at the main character/characters. And the main characters were boring, I mean they didn't really try to make us believe that they really wanted a kid or that they were willing to work things out to make having a kid not so hard on themselves. I mean even the wife in the final act thinks about having an affair with the prince who was supposed to marry Cinderella.

And that's my real problem with the movie, if they wanted to make the princes pretentious and douchey then fine, but don't convince us that this Prince Charming would chase down a single girl only to say that he is a playboy. I mean why? Yes, you could make the argument that he is young and he is a royalty. But really I wished then they wouldn't have tried to convince us that he was really in love with her. I mean look at the scene with his brother, they are literally singing a song about their love for their separate loves. One was with Rapunzel, and the other obviously Cinderella.

What about Red Riding Hood? I mean Johnny Depp as the Wolf had creepy written all over it even from the get-go from the trailer and I thought he would have relished in it. Yeah, he did once or twice with the eyes and all that but I thought he would go all out and try to scare the shit out of the girl, and yet, he didn't he was just creepy and maybe that's what most people found problems with the Wolf. Jack and the beanstalk? Plain and boring. With Jack I thought they'd try more comedy, try a little joke here and there. He is after all a kid just like Red was but Red was already that moody little kid with the attitude, and it was obvious to have a little romance going there bit since this was the final few scenes they rushed it to the happily ever after scene. Which wasn't that happy I mean the baker lost his wife and also there was the fact that Red was traumatized by the Wolf and Jack well, Jack lost his mom as well. So in that moment it was a good commentary on not all happily ever afters are necessarily happy and there's always going to be something or rather to bring it into reality.

In the end this movie was just alright if you like fairy tales and musicals. And if you don't really, then you'll feel that some scenes are just too much. The movie on its own if I took it face value, it was really interesting and intriguing it looked dark and gritty but it wasn't really that. Sure there were some scenes but, it at least tried to infuse it. But hey, this wasn't the only fairy tale that came out there was plenty other. And in the same year Cinderella got to be in a movie twice, once in this and on her own.


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