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We may have a long time to wait for Frozen 2 to hit cinemas, but the anticipation is mounting as director Chris Buck drops hints of what's next for Elsa and Anna! And there's lots to be excited about: the creative team have already outlined the story, and are promising something very special for the film's end.

"We have an overall idea, a concept, which I think is a very strong one. I’m very excited about doing it."

Not only that, we've had some delightful insights into how Elsa's doing as queen, as well as the messages the writers want to send to kids who feel isolated. So what exactly can we expect in Frozen 2?

A Lighter Side To Elsa

Frozen showed us an Elsa on the run: haunted by powers she didn't understand, she finally learned to control them, but still had a long way to go before she could reconcile with her sister. In the end, she was accepted by her people and took her rightful place as queen, and Frozen Fever showed us that the queendom had no hard feelings towards Elsa, despite her plunging them into permafrost.

Elsa as queen
Elsa as queen

According to Chris Buck, we'll get to see plenty more of Elsa's fun side in Frozen 2, now that she's beaten her demons.

"In the movie, Elsa went through a very dramatic character arc, and in Frozen Fever, she got to lighten up. We saw a bit more of her personality. So then we started thinking about what we could do with all of these characters in another film."

The Elsa of Frozen Fever is far more lighthearted. We got to see how much she cares for Anna as well her selfless nature and fortitude: Elsa is determined to through a birthday party for her sister, despite being ill herself. This was a nice change from the isolated Elsa of Frozen, and gave some nice nuance to her character.

Hopefully we'll get lots more of this fun loving Elsa in Frozen 2, though whether she'll want to strike out on adventure like Anna does has yet to be seen. But we will see lots more of the sisters working together!

Sisters Forever

Working through their problems.
Working through their problems.

Despite being a film first and foremost, about the relationship between two sisters, Frozen didn't have a lot of screentime that featured Elsa and Anna together. But that's all about to change!

Frozen 2 will see Elsa and Anna work together, as Elsa deals with the responsibilities of being queen and Anna finds a new direction in her life. While Elsa is far more introverted, content with her books, Anna isn't one to stay at home and twiddle her thumbs. If the rumours are to be believed, Anna and Elsa will strike out on a journey together, solving problems and using their unique skills to save the day.

Chris Buck was quick to assure fans that Frozen 2 will still focus on the sisters, as he and Jennifer Lee are aware that this is one of the major appeals of the story. They're also aware of the impact Frozen has had on children everywhere, and they're ready to use Frozen's influence to tackle real social issues.

The Moral of Frozen 2

Ever since the beginning, the writers have thought carefully about what messages Frozen would send. They even changed Elsa from villain to protagonist after they realised that having her as a baddie might teach children that outcasts should be vilified.

This scene could have been a lot more vicious
This scene could have been a lot more vicious

So what does this mean for Frozen 2? Well, for Chris Buck, it means that the film has a responsibility to teach children, while reflecting real life problems.

"We will tackle other issues that, I think, are out there today that boys and girls, men and women, are dealing with. I think we’re very aware of what is happening in society. When the kids watch [Disney movies], they watch them over and over again, and if we don’t have a decent message in there, I think we’ve missed an opportunity."

What issues Buck is referring to is unknown, but it's great to know that the writers are taking into account how films, even children's films, should have a human interest aspect. The themes of isolation, of social pressure, and responsibility are very present in Frozen. Frozen 2 could expand on this, or even deal with topics that Disney has shied away from before, like alternate sexuality (there are even rumours that Elsa might get a female love interest!).

But whatever happens, we know that Elsa and Anna will face these issues together!

But what do you want to see from Frozen 2? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!


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