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Mission: Clipped Wings

Magneto and his Brotherhood Of Mutants must be dealt with. Their Terrorism will no longer be tolerated! The assassination of the late, beloved President Kelly has finally given the military the ability to seek external help in ridding the world of such dangerous and Ideological Mutants without civilian rioting. After the success of this mission it is thought that young Mutants that think themselves suppressed might submit rather than join together and rebel.

Commander Shepherd: Tenacity

There are several examples I must think on to assure my success as well as my control. First and foremost is Commander Shepherd. Shepherds indomitable spirit and willingness to self-sacrifice for the greater good is just what I need to see my mission through til its success and even to risk my life if needed.

The Doctor: Battle Weariness

The Doctor's belief that all life is sacred (although there are times that some life must be destroyed to save many more) is one more trait I must focus on considering it is likely that I may have to kill some but I must understand that it is not fun to kill, but sometimes it is a necessary burden.

Deathstroke: Tactical Mind

His fighting capabilities are a necessity, being a Human these mutants will make quick work of me, I must plan my attack and prepare myself for each possibility separately then branch them together in an intricate vine of likely outcomes. His experience with weapons would not go unappreciated.


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