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Stephen Milne

1. Mimetic Metallic Flesh - A little known Marvel 2099 character but with an ability that blows Colossus out of the water. Metalhead (love the name) could copy any metal he touches. Could you imagine this power with a small piece of Adamantium or Vibranium?


2. Healing Ability - Deadpool. The healing factor on this guy makes Wolervine look like a Elementary Grade School Nurse. Now I am not too sure whether his healing factor slows the aging process like Ol' Pointy but having the ability to reattach yer head after it's been taken off will certainly be good in a fight.

Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow

3. Pirate Training - With lessons in foreign languages, weaponry, sailing, navigation, crafts and survival. Being a Pirate has its advantages. The rum's good too.


Canada's first Super-powered Anti-Terrorist One Man Army. I'm pretty much sick and tired of hearing about stories of Terrorists and put simply: Drop me in and let me handle it. I would take more punishment thank a tank and still be smiling. Reverting to a human form would allow my healing factor to kick in. The crummier the environment the better the skills as a Pirate would be suited. A few big guns would be nice but when the bad guys see you take a grenade in the chest and dust it off like a rap video cliche. The World will know that terrorism in any form will not be tolerated.

Stephen "Mad Dawg" Milne


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