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(Warning - large, hulking potential plot SPOILERS for Captain America: Civil War lie below. Proceed with caution if you'd rather not know any details about the movie's plot...)

Now, with Captain America: Civil War fast approaching (or, at least, edging ever-closer to finally - finally - arriving) the flood waters of gossip, rumor and plot teasing have inevitably begun to rise. In the immediate aftermath of the movie wrapping principal photography in Berlin recently, however, it's begun to look as though the metaphorical spoiler dam might burst at any moment.

Case in point?

We Seem to Know What One of Captain America: Civil War's Biggest Fight Scenes Will Be

Or, at least, that's the latest rumor to have trickled out from Heroic Hollywood, with Umberto Gonzalez reporting that we're set to see Iron Man go head to head with two - count 'em, two - opposing heroes at once.

The superheroes in question?

*Note, turn back now to avoid potential plot SPOILERS/plot speculation*

Why, it's only the 1940's most patriotic duo (sorry Human Torch and Toro)...

...Captain America and Bucky!

Or, rather, Cap and Bucky's new guise of The Winter Soldier, who - it seems - are all set to team up once again to battle ol' shell-head himself.

Which, seeing as Iron Man is rumored to have a vastly more powerful (as in, stronger than the Hulk) set of 'bleeding edge' armor in the movie...

...might not actually be all that fair of a fight...

It's also, of course, entirely possible that Heroic Hollywood's source is mistaken, or that the whole thing is an elaborate double bluff from Marvel. If it is true, however...

What do you reckon?


Who'd win in that fight?

via Heroic Hollywood


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