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Whatever you might think about Kylie Jenner, there is no denying that she always looks more polished that your granddad's shoes at a funeral, but her high maintenance look comes at a high price.

Hollywood Life has reported that, according to the industries biggest gossip 'A Source,' Kylie Jenner's life is consumed by her styling and makeup routine, they told the gossip rag that:

Kylie may be getting a lot of attention these days, but inside she’s still incredibly insecure about her looks. She spends over an hour every day getting her makeup on, putting in colored contacts, picking out the perfect outfit and making sure her hair is styled right

The reality heiress, who has just turned 18, is also reportedly upset about how young she looks without her makeup mask. The insider spilled that:

Kylie absolutely hates being photographed without makeup on as she feels like she looks like a little kid

Who knows if any of this information is true, but it isn't unlikely that Kylie is spending most her time crafting her image seeing as this is the only thing her career is really based on.

(Source: Hollywood Life)


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