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Chris Brown is no stranger to receiving the odd raised eyebrow here and there. And the following is no exception. This time, Chris B has done it again and raised a stir by what appears to be a humungous tattoo on his head, or rather, his bare scalp.

He posted a picture of the ink on his Instagram account, before back-tracking and tearing it down shortly after. Why he decided to pull the plug on the image, we have yet to decipher. Surely considering it will be there for the rest of his life, he can't be embarrassed by it, can he?

However, in the short space of time that the post was riding the web, millions of his followers had already saved and forwarded the image.

So, here it is - in all of its glory:

Apparently, the image is supposed to be the Venus de Milo:

Who knew the rapper was an avid fan of Greek art!

His tattoo artist was so proud of his work, he also posted the snap:

The caption read:

Just on the homie @chrisbrownofficial
It was a pleasure to tatt the new King of Pop and watch him put together another record in front of my. Dude is a genius. Blessed and Thankful PhotoCred: @tatsbykeith

Move over Michael Jackson, the new tatt has apparently transformed Chris into the "King of Pop."



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