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To start of I'm a Fan of Dbz, not to much of Superman.But im not gonna let that interfere. Superman is powerful and will give goku a run for his money, but people leave out the facts to make there Hero look better.

First Superman can't raise his power level but only absorb power from the sun. Goku can, even if his a slap hurts him because he lowered his power level. Superman has different version of him ,because they constantly change him so his different forms don't count only pre crisis cause that was with the orginal Superman plot. But there is only one verison of goku. In the new movie DBZ Ressurection of F, Frieza Power level is 100 quintillion, Goku and Vegeta still mop the floor with him. So that means Goku power level is beyond that. When Goku power up he makes the world tremble and people from across the galaxy can feel it. Can superman do that?Superman only h Superman is really fast only for traveling. Look back at all the episodes, when superman fights, he pretty slow cause he packs a punch. All the people he fought, never had speed and strength that pass his or had them both. But robots, mutants or people with strange power that why Superman's wins cause he has strength nobody can reach, There's no challenge. But when goku fight his enemies even if there robots they both have strength and speed that why its hard to beat them. Goku never defeated all his enemies. That why he gets stronger cause he want to be the strongest in the universe . Superman goal is to serve and protect the innocents. When goku fought beerus they fought so fast that the water from the lake was still in the air even after like 30 punches, elbows, kicks, etc.

People says he have limits and limits means you can't go beyond.But then why does goku become stronger every fight. He breaks his limit to give him something to live for. Superman power is limitless, however he can't get strong only if he take the sun energy. In Dragon ball, Piccolo destroyed the moon, imagine the sun. Goku could punch through planets and threw living beings. Superman couldn't even break brainiac and hes a robot. The android from dbz were different they were human who were built to kill Goku. That why 18 was able to have a baby.When Superman fought Doomsday in justice league season 2 "A better world" he punches were slow and in some dbz movies and episode, goku friend couldn't even see them fight. Superman has weakness's, Goku doesn't cause it was removed. Here's to prove my point.

And if Superman can get hurt from a man with this type of strength.
How can he stand up to Goku who can do this.

Just by watching the episodes goku fighting skills is far more than super man. Goku trains for a living, Superman doesn't.I know I've been only talking about goku not superman but what is there to talk about. Everybody know him so y'all should know that what I'm saying is right, even if you disagree with me. Thank you for reading.


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