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Hello there Creators and readers of Moviepilot! We are happy to announce the official launch of an exciting new feature: The Multiple Choice Question! As you know, we already have personality quizzes and of course multiple choice opinion polls, but we felt there was still something missing, and we can't have that!

Now you can create a simple 'true or false' question, or a multiple choice trivia question with various options and one correct answer.

How does it work?

It's incredibly simple; all you need to do is click the 'insert a poll' button in your toolbar as you usually would, and choose the 'Multiple Choice Question' option.

Then, simply add your options (2 or more) and select the correct answer with the button on the right hand side. There can only ever be 1 correct answer, so choose wisely. It works just like a quiz, but with the simplicity of a standard poll - easy as that!


What's the best thing about using a multiple choice question?

Waiting for the opportunity to put that insane movie, TV and geek knowledge to good use? Now you can create quizzes to test even the most hard core fans - share your geeky facts with the world and find out who really knows their stuff!


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