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Ever since its release, the Attack on Titan anime has exploded in both Japan and abroad. This not a mystery however since it has a gorgeously unique animation, tons of intense bloody action, great characters, and a story line that keeps getting more intense and pulls you in.

As for the movie, my expectations for it were somewhat in the middle. I had seen the trailer and thought it might actually be an okay anime movie adaptation. Boy was I wrong. There are so many things wrong with this movie. Let me begin by the acting. Oh God the acting. It was at times cringe-worthy and others hysterical. In fact, it was so bad that people were bursting out of laughter left and right in the movie theater. Thank God for that otherwise I think everyone would've slept to death not only for the awful acting but for the script and story as well.

What's strange is that the movie decides to go on a path of its own instead of following the anime, which is successful for a reason. I mean, why would you not wanna stick to a tried and tested recipe by just adapting everything from the anime which has already amassed a Titanic following? (sorry, I had to). I guess for some reason, the director was feeling very adventurous and said "fuck the anime and most importantly, fuck the fans because I'm gonna do it my way!" The characters look and act different from their anime counterparts and some characters weren't even included in the movie.

I will tell you this. The movie did apparently very well in Japan and this is mainly because of the massive hype and following the franchise has enjoyed for such a long time despite the awful early reviews it got. Speaking of the the reviews, the director was apparently displeased with them being all negative and stuff and lashed out on the reviewers for being 'idiots.' Unfortunately though, this train wreck doesn't end here. They are going to launch a second follow up to the movie only a mere 3 months after the first movie launched (which we got the see a trailer for during the credits of the movie). If you thought that was an outrage, it still doesn't stop there folks! These inhumane people have decided to milk it even further with a TV series. That's right. With all the slaughtering we witnessed committed by the treacherous titans in the movie, it still didn't compare to the way the producers and director of the movie slaughtered the adaptation of this beloved anime.

But of course, this is just my opinion. You can watch whatever the FUCK you want to watch.


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