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When aliens misinterpret video feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of war, they attack the Earth in the form of a video games.

I could not wait to see this movie, but I liked PIXELS in a whole different way. The movie doesn't have a lot of hard laughs and every time there was an opportunity for one, it dropped the ball. That being said there are lots of chuckles.

The cast works really well together but that's not a shock because most of them are part of the Happy Madison family. PIXELS doesn’t really pick up until we see Josh Gad. Adam Sandler may be the star of the film but all the best lines and funny parts are given to Josh Gad and Peter Dinklage. Also, keep your eyes open for Dan Aykroyd and the product placement of his crystal head vodka.

PIXELS has a nice blend of light laughs, romance, sci-fi, gun action and car action. The film moves at a nice pace and it goes by fast. This film is fun for the whole family, young and old; the music is a 80s greatest hits soundtrack and really ties the film together.

The c.g is fun, cute and really well done... One thing that bugged me the first time I watched PIXELS was that Q-Burt could talk. But then after the 2nd viewing, I figured that he is an alien not the real game character and he is a big part of the movie so he has to speak. Another thing that PIXELS does is point out the generation gap, but as someone who plays a lot of classic arcade games, I'm shocked that some kids don't know about arcades. Hopefully this film will make younger kids want to find and play arcade classics.

I'm so happy about this film, I was hoping for big laughs and even though there weren't any, it wasn't a let down. The story was good, the action was fun and it was awesome seeing my favorite classic arcade games come to life in the real world. Cheers and remember life won't suck as long as there is a good movie to watch

8 out of 10

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