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My name is Meelah Adams and I'm currently studying Media Production in Germany. Right now I'm working on my bachelor's thesis, which is about the effects of viral videos. This film, Selfie from Hell, is a part of it.

Check it out!

Why virals?

Before and during my studies, I have produced a lot of short films, but now near completion, it was time for me to start something new; a fresh and exciting project. I'm highly fascinated by viral videos. Those short, often funny, cute, crazy or simply entertaining clips, which go around the world and enthuse so many people. To analyze that phenomenon and then recreate it myself seemed like the perfect thesis for me. However, I didn't simply want to produce any unrelated viral video, another cat adventure clip. This wasn't much of a problem because I also don't have a cat.

The origin

For many years now I've been working with author and director Erdal Ceylan. We have shot a couple of short films together and are currently working on different stories that Erdal is writing. A special one I'm involved in is the novel Fuck You Zombie, which is based on a screenplay.

Erdal had already begun to write the story, we made it a plan to shoot some videos for promotion. One day the thought popped into my mind to combine both parts - a win-win situation. So our viral got a connection and our novel got a video. We thought it'd be a good thing to produce two or three or even more videos in case people would like our work and would like to see more.

The forthcoming novel 'Fuck you Zombie'
The forthcoming novel 'Fuck you Zombie'

Filming scenes from the book would be too expensive and too complex, so we looked for other alternatives. Inspired by the viral campaign for the Carrie movie, we chose to make something completely different. We wanted to use the zombie as a symbol for the novel. That way we could create a practicable and reasonable video. After an intense brainstorming session, we finally got a basic idea for the video and Selfie from Hell was born!

And in a short time the next idea for our second video, titled Just a Dream, followed. It will be released in a few days. Here's what you can look forward to.

Just a Dream
Just a Dream

“Rebel without a crew” (Robert Rodriguez)

Selfie from Hell was made without any budget by a two-man-team – or a one-man-one-woman-team, Erdal and me. On set Erdal was director, DoP and production designer. I was producer, actress, sound editor and makeup artist. The shooting took three nights and the post production, five days. Erdal was responsible for film editing, sound design and color grading, and I helped out a bit with sound design.

Selfie from Hell
Selfie from Hell

With Selfie from Hell we wanted to create something creepy, atmospheric, a bit shocking, and above all entertaining. A video, that makes people want to share with others. The inspiration came from movies like Insidious and The Ring. The language is universal and there's almost no text, so everybody around the world can understand it.

What comes next?

Almost straight after releasing Selfie from Hell, the German horror movie website 'AngstRated' published a small article about the video. 'Horror Society,' who supports independent horror productions, also shared Selfie from Hell. The reactions to the video were great and some people have been asking whether or not it will become a feature-length film. And we thought, why not? We'd love to make a feature Selfie from Hell. But such a movie would cost a lot of money, which we just don't have right now. But, who knows what could happen ;)

Thank you very much for watching and reading!

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