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Entertainment Weekly just gave fans a first look at American Horror Story: Hotel with brand new pictures of the cast.

Lady Gaga as Elizabeth (The Countess)

Suzanne Tenner/FX
Suzanne Tenner/FX

Gaga's character is the owner of the Hotel Cortez. EW describes her character as being:

...a glamorous but deadly creature who sustains on a healthy diet of sex and blood.

Matt Bomer as Donovan

Suzanne Tenner/FX
Suzanne Tenner/FX

Bomer portrays Donovan, who is Gaga's love interest of 20 years in the show. EW states his character:

...finds himself rebuffed when she meets similarly handsome male model Tristan.

Wes Bentley as John Lowe

Suzanne Tenner/FX
Suzanne Tenner/FX

Bentley portrays detective John Lowe, who is investigating the Ten Commandments Killer, moves into the Cortez Hotel. EW reveals:

His family, including pediatrician wife Alex (Chloe Sevigny), get sucked into the Cortez’ darkness.

Angela Bassett as Ramona Royale

Suzanne Tenner/FX
Suzanne Tenner/FX

Bassett portrays actress Ramona Royale, who formerly had a love interest in The Countess (Gaga). EW revealed:

Ramona teams up with Donovan to take revenge on The Countess.

Naomi Campbell as Claudia

Campbell will portray Claudia, an editor of Vogue magazine who, according to EW, "...decides to stay at the Cortez and ends up regretting it."

Kathy Bates as Iris

Bates portrays Iris, the manager of the Cortez Hotel and the mother of Donovan. According to EW her character is overprotective, stating:

Donovan’s mother works at the hotel so she can see her son on a daily basis, even though he deplores her.

Finn Wittrock as Tristan

Wittrock will be portraying Tristan, a hypersexual male model who eventually ends up with The Countess (Gaga). EW reveals he, "...catches the eye of The Countess at a fashion show at the Cortez."

Evan Peters as James March

Peters will portray James March, the founder and owner of the Cortez Hotel. Expect him to appear in flashbacks of the 1930s. EW reveals:

...He’s designed a hotel to cater to his specific needs, which tend toward the dark evil.

Max Greenfield as Gabriel

Greenfield will be portraying Gabriel, a Hollywood junkie who, according to EW, "...checks into the Cortez and has an unforgettable experience."

Sarah Paulson as Hypodermic Sally

For the first time ever, Paulson will be portraying a bad girl! This bad girl is named Hypodermic Sally, who is another junkie living at the Cortez. EW reveals:

Sally is one of the more tragic figures found in the halls of the hotel... She will put a stiletto in your face if it means she can get what she needs. But she’s also like a broken rag doll.

Unfortunately, these are the only photos revealed so far. Other cast members not shown, include Chloë Sevigny, Denis O'Hare, Cheyenne Jackson, Lily Rabe, Mädchen Amick, and Emma Roberts.


Who are you most excited to see this season?

American Horror Story: Hotel will air October 7th!


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