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Rob Taylor

Last week I wrote about how the newly announced Mads Mikkelsen was not guaranteed to be playing the villain everyone expected in Rogue One, but could be playing the Imperial turncoat, Crix Madine.

Since then, many rumors have swirled that he might be playing the main villain after all, and then that a digitally reconstructed Peter Cushing will be used as Moff Tarkin (fantastic idea, hope it works) would be in that big bad role.

Mikkelsen himself has made some VERY interesting comments in recent days that pretty much confirm my theory of who he is playing.

Speaking in his native paper Ekstra Bladet, he stated.

“My character is actually not a bad guy, and then I can not say more...”

Mads also confirmed he was shooting for three months and that the character is 'very important'.

The quote could be very much seen as confirming his casting as Madine .

Despite being an Imperial Officer, he is not a villain. Indeed he helps the spies to steal the Death Star plans and in lore is the one who actually gets them out to the Rebellion and joins them in the process becoming their head tactician by the time of the second Death Star assault. The casting of Felicity Jones is interesting, her character could easily be a love interest for Madine, who convinces him to turn against his Emperor and join the rebellion!

It's important to note that this movie is telling the tale of the FIRST theft, and the only known hero of it to appear in a sequel is Madine.

This could be important to the future of the franchise as Madine could be a "link character" to the Anthology movies and later sequels. He could appear in a Boba Fett movie for example or with some de-aging in a Han Solo's movie as well as Episode 8 or 9.


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