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The summer of 2015 so far to me has had some very fun and well done movies, as well as some crash and burns. And even though I'm a few weeks late, I decided to check out the newest installment of the Mission Impossible franchise. Rogue Nation has been getting fantastic reviews and is being called maybe the best Mission Impossible yet, and what did I think? I very much can agree with that statement.

Let me say that personally my "favorite" was Mission Impossible 3 due to it having more of my personal tastes, however I am completely willing to admit that it pails in professional comparison to Rogue Nation.

When it comes to the plot, me and the person I watched it with agreed that when ever you guessed what was going to happen, you were completely wrong. The story is so unpredictable and the main girl in it is completely unpredictable with who she is, bad or good, and who she works for. Movies with a great villain are also something I appreciate and although this villain was more behind the scenes and built up more than anything, it was still what he stood for and the power he had that was so intimidating that you truly doubt many times if the good guys will come out on top at all times. The movie does a good job at putting our hero through so many tough ordeals and never really know for sure if he's gonna win besides of course it being a movie so the good guy "has" to win.

So far the only movie action wise that competes with Rogue Nation this year for me is Mad Max. This movie had moments where I could definitely tell it was CGI, but 95% of the time is was too real and intense. In particular I loved the chase scene in this movie involving cars and bikes. Each and every time there was a action scene, I was completely immersed in the epic sequence beholding.

Overall I'd highly recommend seeing this movie in theaters before it leaves soon. It was so much fun (and I do mean fun also being that there was actually really well placed comedy in the movie), full of amazing action sequences, and a plot that leaves you just wanting to see what happens next since you keep predicting wrong. I will say Age of Ultron was my favorite movie this year mainly because I'm a MCU fanboy, but aside from that, Rogue Nation was easily runner up to that and am willing to admit that it is indeed a better movie.


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