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Hello everyone,

After Marvel get the rights of Spiderman back, Fans keep speculating the Enigma of Spiderman's entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. People keep rolling their eyes either in the sneak-peek of new costume or the name of Kraven in the Spiderman universe.

I think some steps taken by Marvel are very cowardice or we can say defensive but some steps are really bold and new to what we have seen till now in the name of Spiderman. But one thing we must understand this time is the extra baggage carring by Spiderman after Spiderman 3, Amazing spiderman and Amazing Spiderman 2. All these movies lie in below average to average category. If this fails then either Spiderman gonna be a Boon at least for 10-12 years or maybe Spidey get another chance then we never gonna see him with Avengers.

Lets understand what marvel is trying to do with Spiderman.

Marvel's Characterization for Spiderman -:

Well again a teenage boy get his powers and decide to make this world a better place. Yes ,casting of Tom Holland proves again the lack of balls or Lack of imagination. We will find the shadow of Teenage Spiderman all over the Marvel's universe. Again this will stop us to have a mature Spiderman dealing with some real issues instead showing Newyork a new web slinger will save the City where Captain, Iron Man, Thor and so on are already there.

We want to see Karven's last hunt or the Clone saga or Goblin's war or even when spiderman became mutant with Morbies . But at least the costume's first look is awesome while considering a teenage boy never get such Spadex to stich his costume which we have already seen before in Raime's or Webb's versions. I think the marvel just nailed it with costume. The best Spiderman's costume made by a teenager logically -:

I think Tony Stark's going to give him New Spadex costume During Civil war instead the Iron Spiderman's one. Ofcourse Tony will also tell the reason behind black webs which is awesome because Tony is the best guy which marvel have for these stuff not Peter even though Peter always does this in comics. This maybe better than comics so please don't haul upon mismatch with comics.

Fans also thrashing the decision of including Kraven in very first movie but i think including Kraven as an Anti-hero may open many horizon for Spiderman even though he's just a teenage guy. Please sorry for the language or errors but have a look upon my theory.

My Theory

First of all including Kraven as an Antihero will be the master stroke from Marvel's side. Consider when Peter is exploring his power he take the help of his teacher or professor Dr. Mariah Crawford whom peter trust blindly.

She related this with Kraven's Issues which she tackles in her past when Kraven worked as a mercenary in a project in African Jungles. Now a series of High profile heist are happening all over New-York city where guards tell police that they have been prisoned in space or in Jungle or somewhere absurd places. Camera at those places Revealing bank Manager take out the cash. And at a museum where guards hallucinate Beach-Rome-underworld simultaneously (something go wrong in a gadget which causes random hallucination) but suddenly a Man-Lion come and slit the throat of one of them.

thiefs are here
thiefs are here

Here first time we saw Chameleon fights with Mysterio over the Fuzz in museum but Kraven stopped them. They both work under Kraven but Kraven is working with someone secret person who promised Kraven to give back his old life with the help of tablet of time (Here kraven consider This power as a curse but this time Spiderman will teach him about power and responsibility).

But tablet need some precise elements which Kraven was collecting from everywhere. Chameleon try to manipulate Kraven to cheat Adrian Toomes who hired Kraven but Kraven refused that after warned his brother Chameleon not to fuck Kraven this time due to his lust as he did in Africa by which Kraven got his powers.

Note - Chameleon get his powers from a Holographic Net MASK which change his face also manufactured by OSCROP. So RHINO , MYSTERIO , VULTURE , SHOCKER .

Here comes Rhino and Shocker

Peter while trying to figure out these heist also fight with two Thugs one using

some small shocking device and other is an heavy full of steroids body builder

who're trying to snatch some money from a lady but Spiderman stopped them. Meanwhile Chameleon camouflaged as Kraven and refused something to Toomes by mocking his oldage inshort Disrespected him. Toomes put charges of all theft upon Kraven by providing POLICE evidences but Kraven run away from combined forces of Newyork still Spiderman caught him and put him behind the bars. Toomes tried to kill Kraven behind the Bars by using his Men inside the prison. So that Bodybuilder thug got some super hard and powerful suit from Toomes incrption of OSCORP upon it . His friend also get some hand gadgets which produce shocks and a cool suit again made by OSCORP (on demand). Kraven lost his power for a while due to antidote provided by Police so Kraven was helpless in front of RHINO-SHOCKER.

Misunderstanding and Rise of Vulture's six

But again spiderman saved Kraven inside the prison. Kind of a Fun fight for Spiderman which makes some Police officials totally against spidey. Suddenly Mysterio come and take Rhino and Shocker with him to Toomes. Kraven get under Dr. Crawford for treatment and Peter also met with Mary Jane Watson while already in relationship with Gwen Stacy. Also Aunt May and uncle Ben are sharing beautiful Relationship.

But suddenly one Night Spiderman come and try to kill Dr. Crawford but she went to Coma. Kraven stopped Spidey, Spiderman run away by leaving Kraven thirsty for his Blood. Toomes come and tell Kraven that Spiderman does all this to prove himself above everything and Mariah Know how to stop spiderman that's why he tried to killed Mariah or maybe some other great reason. Kraven joined those who tried to kill them just to kill Spiderman.

After sometime chameleon revealed the real identity of Spiderman and kidnapped Aunt May-Uncle Ben. Now Sinister Six is waiting for Spiderman. When Spiderman come some misshappning lead the death of Uncle Ben while saving spiderman from a Spike thrown by Kraven. Spiderman saved Aunt May but spiderman blamed himself for Uncle's death while Aunt may Blamed Time.

Spiderman also doesn't see Kraven because Kraven was cutting his webslings behind the buildings while Rhino Shocker attacking him on Ground. Mysterio keep changing surroundings and creating hurdles in Spiderman's way. But spiderman managed to save Aunt and himself.

Meanwhile Mariah come to know about aunt may's kidnapping and told everything to his love Kraven without even knowing that Kraven was involved. Kraven also cleared him confusion when Mariah told him that Spiderman won't kill her because he's a teenage boy. . Kraven watch dull and gullible peter after his uncle's death from the top of buildings and decided to help Spiderman. In the End they kill Vulture and Shocker. Rest everyone behind the bars.

Rhino, Chameleon and Mysterio give Tablet of time to a Man who asked time to consult his client. He came back and gave them n assignment to bring a stone from some lab around the world or OSCORP. So next part Venom Vs Carnage. Ofcourse tablet of time will play his role in Carnage's episode. Yes one more thing Kraven will wear the spidersuit in 2nd part.

How this Story is different than total teenage or total mature versions

well Dr Crawford provide an escape from Kurt Conners-Peter relationship. Also provide a bigger team spider for biggeset and most ruthless villains yet - Carnage. Imagine -:

venom + Mutancy + Tablet of time = Carnage
Kraven + Spiderman/Venom + Lizard = Carnage

Also this story may seems over stuffed but we use 4-5 villains as henchman like Rhino, Shocker , Chameleon , Mysterio so that we don't need to worry whether we justifying their characters yet or not because we will use them till third part or we can say in every part possible even in Marvel universe whenever needed. You can't allow a single movie to Mysterio or any of them. Also in this Spiderman Oscorp+ Octtopus is yet to come. I avoided them for a while because they were already explored except we can consider those gadgets from Oscorp so involvement of Oscorp is already there.

Here we have a different uncle's Ben death but the essence is same. Also Peter is just 16 years so Kraven will somehow act as guardian. Relationship between Peter and Kraven will be awesome because of Kraven's guilt. We have new villains with pretty costumes like Shocker , Mysterio , Vulture , Kraven. Also one thing we always missed in every spiderman is the Essence of conspiracy around him but this time

Chameleon can even attach whole spider verse with Hydra or Imagine whatever mystic can do in X-Men. (i know chameleon can only copy appearance but more risk more fun )


We already know the casting of Tom Holland and Marsia tomei but lets talk about other characters..............

Uncle Ben - Jeff goldblum (just any one at his age but he'll be cool)

Kraven The hunter - Nicolas coster Waldau ( This guy can handle every stunt if needed also Kraven is Made for him- Jammie linester is here. May be this long relation between kraven-Spiderman according to my theory will glorify Kraven more as an Anti-hero)

Chameleon - Hugh dancy ( After brilliant hannibal this guy deserve an Standing Ovation and that's how Chameleon will be glorified)

Shocker - Norman Reedus ( awesome in Boondok saints also Walking dead)

Vulture - Bruce willis ( i don't wanna cast john malkovich because he's pretty sure or nothing new kind.....but John is just too much Toomes)

Rhino - Nathan Jones ( well you don't need an actor but a buffed up guy and i think its better to show him as a guy on steroids beside some mechanical suit)

Mysterio - Matthew Goode ( under ratted actor this guy can be a trump card for this movie)

J.J.Jamson - Hugh Laurie ( may or mayn't cross JK simponson but still he can manage)


That's it guys please tell your fancast down under and i have only casted few just to make an picture of characters inside your mind. please tell your idea about my story line. If you have some really cool ideas then share down under. thanks and sorry for any grammar errors or mistakes.

SO at the end -

Total 8 characters to be focused upon so not so crowded which it may seem originally because this movie will Deal Rhino and Shocker as henchman for now or maybe some comic elements from them.

2/8 of them will die Uncle Ben and Vulture.

We will start with Felisia Hardy and introduce Mary Jane nearly at the End. so basically not so crowded.

Maybe Kingpin will join in second part which starts with a Jail break by Kingpin not to kill Spiderman but to brought something from very secure area maybe Area 51 or Some Hydra-Base Centre.

So in second Venom-Carnage will be there and yes Kraven may wear Spider-Suit to save Spiderman .

Thank you and please Share your Fancast and Theory if you have any. Honest REVIEWS are welcome upon my theory even though its harsh so Please share.


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