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The infinity gauntlet is one of the most powerful objects in Marvel it consists of 6 gems that each control 6 diffrent aspecs:







In the wrong hands it is beyond extreamly dangerous with a click of his fingers Thanos wiped out 50% of the universe just to impress Death. I want to put it out of harms way by giving it to the One-Above-All or The Living Tribunal but the gems are taken hidden by the illuminati

Professor Xavier (Professor X)

Dr Reed Richards (Mr Fantastic)

King Namor McKenzie (Sub mariner/Namor)

King Blackagar Boltagon (Black Bolt)

Dr Stephen Strange (Dr Strange)

Anthony "Tony" Edward Stark (Iron Man)

My 3 Powers/abilities are:

Mimicry: Super-Adaptoid

Hyper Intelligence: Amadeus Cho

Technopathy: Ultron

I would first go Iron Man to get my forst gem the space gem, due to my power over Technology I can shut down Stark Tower and enter safely then once I am inside re-activate the tower defences stopping any one coming in, should Iron Man pose a threat I would shut down his armour dead, while in the safe I would not only take the gem I would also take over all of Iron Mans armours.

My next goal would be to take the power gem from Namor. I would get the Iron Man armours to mount an assult on Atlantis while I use the space gem to teleport in and any gards in the room out. Should Namor be a threat I would use a combanation of my intellect, mimicry powers and controlled Hulk busters to stop him this would then give me powers of Flight, Super Strength (class 100) durabilty, water breathing now with the Power and Space gems I can teleport all the gems to me. Before I give the gems to The One-Above-All I find Absorbing Man and mimic his absorbing powers and absorb the properties of the gems......


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