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I still remember when rumours ran wild following the release of Les Miserables in December of 2012. Yet there has been no real reports on any development of the film version of the infamous musical from the writers of Les Miz.

It makes sense though doesn’t it?

When a film receives both critical and box-office reward, then isn’t it worth making the film while the musical ‘craze’ is still fresh in the mind. To be fair, Mackintosh, the producer of ‘Les Miz’ on stage and screen, did then revive ‘Saigon’ on the stage.

After a decent revival and run in the UK, there are talks it will move to the US, as Les Miserables did, following the movie's success. Now if this happened, this could ignite a very little flame in the US. But what is important to remember is

It could be argued that Les Miz was not widely known to the domestic movie-goers, but still made money, but this show is a much tougher sell, and would probably require a larger budget due to it setting, and lavish production it’s based on.

For a long time Lee Daniels was attached to the project. As recent as last year, there were reports that he was setting himself up following the release of ‘The Butler’. One particular report from stated that he was actually going to direct a film with Amy Adams, and then come to Miss Saigon later.

However, both these films have seemed to have fallen apart.

So what now?

For me, I would love to see a ‘Spielberg’ style Miss Saigon. A big budget, extravagant film. While I very much enjoyed Tom Hooper’s take, I think a bigger scale production would be interesting. A Katheryn Bigelow would be a very interesting mix of gritty and musical. She would be an interesting pick for me, although Lee Daniels does interest me.

News on anything Lee Daniels has gone quiet, so there is always hope, but I think there is still a movie on the horizon. How far away that is I don’t know. But the other question is, does there have to be a rush? Will people still see the film in 10 years, and I think the answer is yes.

The question of why we haven’t seen a film version yet... To be honest, I do not know. But there is clearly some work, and development slowly happening since it’s first announcement in 2009.

Then again... Do you want to see a Miss Saigon movie? Or do you think it's something of the past?

Comment below and let us now!

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Do you want to see a Miss Saigon movie?


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