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Fort Knox is considered by many to be the hardest place to break into on the face of the Earth. Fort Knox has pretty much an entire army outside with dozen of soldiers, tanks, helicopters and artillery. Land mines are outside, field wires and turrets are built into the fortress, hell there even predator drones out there and a police force waiting inside just in case you do make it outside all of the external security! But my team can get the job done down below. Oh and the reason why we want to break in. To be rich for the rest of our lives and never have to lift a finger again.

Lex Luthor-Brains

Lex Luthor is considered to be one of the smartest minds in the DC universe. Fort Knox is basically considered almost impossible for anybody to break into so i will need somebody who has logic, reasoning and supreme intelligence to plan this heist. Lex even has some experience working on alien tech so having him as the brains of this heist benefit us greatly.


Martian Manhunter is extremely powerful and can go toe to toe with people like Superman. With a heist like this which seems impossible we're gonna need some serious muscle that can handle the heavily rumored weaponry that is stationed at Fort Knox. Martian Manhunter has the ability to shape-shift into anything or anyone and can easily phase through objects when needed. For example if we needed to go through a door but we couldn't get in, Manhunter is our man for the job. He even has precognitive abilities so he could easily detect danger when it near.

Mystique-Inside Man

Mystique was able to break into the freaking White House for petesake! Mystique espionage skills are second to none and having her breaking into Fort Knox is an incredible advantage for us. She can easily pose as an important person who maybe regularly checks into Fort Knox and is a high ranking official there. We could kidnap that person and interrogate them for information and we can have Mystique do all the dirty work from the inside. She also a pretty good escape artist and we might need that skill when the time calls for it.

Well that for my team do you think my heist will be a successful or and absolute trainwreck.


Is my heist a success?


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