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With the release of The Green Inferno being only a month away, let's take a look back at the goriest and most cringe-worthy scenes throughout the Hostel franchise Eli Roth started - but unfortunately didn't finish (he had no involvement in the third and final installment). Warning: The clips in this article contain graphic imagery and foul language.

5.) Hostel Part 2 - Castration Scene (2007)

This scene would most likely be ranked higher if I were a guy, but due to the fact that I'm not, it's not as cringe-worthy to me personally. Since I can only imagine how it would feel like being a guy watching this, I assume it would be pretty dang difficult - which earned it a spot on my list.

4.) Hostel Part 1 - Eye Scream (2005)

This scene was overall disgusting and terrifying, even if she was lucky enough to be saved. Not only does the poor girl get a side of her face blow-torched, causing her eye to dangle out of her socket. She then gets it cut off by the person who is trying to help her. Spoiler alert: I'd probably jump in front of a train if that happened to me as well.

3.) Hostel Part 3 - Face Scene (2011)

This was probably the best scene in the entirety of the third movie. This scene is cringe-worthy primarily because of the part where he is pulling the skin from the face... and you can see it ripping off from the inside. The fact that he is doing this whole thing while the poor guy is still alive just adds to the intensity.

2.) Hostel Part 1 - Achilles Scene (2005)

This scene, although it doesn't show the actual act, makes it so high on my list because just the noise it makes when Josh stands up makes me hurt. Any scene involving an achilles being cut is automatically cringe-worthy - and the best part about this is how they didn't even need to show it to make it have an impact.

1.) Hostel Part 2 - Blood Bath (2007)

This scene, to me, is the most memorable scene in the entire franchise. The scene is so disturbing and twisted that it will stick with you for a good while. The noises that the scythe makes while rubbing across her bare skin is enough to make someone cringe, but the scene as a whole is truly disturbing.


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