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Ex Machina is directed by Alex Garland and stars Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac and Alicia Vikander. Caleb, played by Gleeson, works for the most popular internet search engine in the world (you know it's Google but they're not aloud to call it that in the film) and is invited to test out the first ever, fully functioning A.I. at his employers mansion.

I had a feeling that this film was going to be good, but nowhere near as good as I ended up finding it. This is a great psychological, Sci-fi thriller. It takes a conventional sci-fi subject such as A.I. and plays it somewhat by the books with a few twists along the way that really work.

When watching this film you wouldn't believe that it is directed by a first timer. Every shot is so slick and fine that it looks like the work of a professional. There are one or two moments when the pacing drags a little and there is one plot element that is kind of predictable, but apart from that the rest of the film is reverting.

The acting from everyone is really good as well. Gleeson and Isaac are great together, their conversations are fascinating and the chemistry they have is really good even if you do realize there is something wrong from the start. Alicia Vikander does a fantastic job as the A.I, she gives a believably innocent performance rather than the typical "I am a robot" portrayal.

This is a film that plays it safe but also knows when to turn the tables. Everything plays out perfectly leading up to an ending that some may view as lackluster. With only minor pacing issues and a predictable plot element, I still loved every second of this film. Besides where else are you going to see Oscar Isaac's amazing dancing this year?


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