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Isn't it awkward running into your exes? Even for those of us who live in a city large enough to successfully avoid people, it can be a challenge, and Barry Allen is about to learn that lesson. In Season 2 of The Flash, our hero's love life is set to become much more complicated. Along with the debut of new love interest Patty Spivot (played by Shantal VanSanten), former flame Linda Park (Malese Jow) will return for multiple episodes in Season 2.

What's more, EW has learned that Park's presence isn't just going to be awkward -- it's going to be dangerous. “Linda Park will return as Iris West’s [Candice Patton] friend and colleague at Central Picture News and her past relationship with Barry will put both Iris and The Flash in unexpected danger,” said executive producer Gabrielle Stanton.

Linda's comic book counterpart eventually becomes the wife of Wally West, who we'll see debut this coming season, played by Keiynan Lonsdale. While there's no indicator of a relationship between the two in the show, it'll be interesting to see if anything of that nature comes around during the course of the next season.

Season 2 of The Flash speeds back onto screens on Tuesday, October 6.


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