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Nathaniel Rego

Jason Clarke from the 5th and final Terminator movie, Terminator Genisys, has signed on and confirmed for the role of Man Bat aka Dr. Kirk Lanstrong in Gotham for season 2 coming to FOX fall 2015. In Gotham, during its future 2nd season, Lanstrong creates an inoculation serum that hopes to help him of all people ultimately reduce chronic deafness and blindness. However, like the comic book series, the serum takes its immediately very bad toll of transforming Kirk into a human bat hybrid monster known as Man Bat. Clark threatens Gotham City as Man Bat in season two of Gotham premiering on Fox in Sept.

In the future CW series, [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021), Man Bat, anticipatedly portrayed by the British young actor from Once Upon a Time and NBC's Heroes Reborn. He serves as a younger version of Kirk Lanstrong still aliased Man Bat and opposed to vaccinating himself with a serum and vaccine to attempt to cure chronic blindness and deafness, the kid's character manufactures a combinated custom made pill made of 2 DNA strands (his and a vampire bat's) then drinks it thus alternately becoming Man Bat. Man Bat also terrorizes the skies and grounds in DC Legends, coming soon to CW.


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