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Dillon Impullitti

A small fleet of aliens is trying to infiltrate and attack Earth. While i've been to many planets in my long, long lifetime, Earth just seems to be one of my favorite planets. Their weapons are too powerful for me to take them head on, so I'm gonna need to fight from the shadows and scare them away! Wish me luck!

The 3 Abilities I need:

1.) Experience with Aliens (11th Doctor)

With all his experience dealing with, and scaring away, aliens from Earth. The Eleventh Doctor's knowledge would help me understand what the aliens want, as well as intimidate them enough to back up a tad bit while i think of something clever. Being a resident of the TARDIS, i can speak/understand their language in order to gain an edge in showing them not to mess with Earth. Just give me some Jammie Dodgers and some fish fingers and custard and i'll be ready to go faster than you can say "Geronimo".

2.) Control over Time and Space (Professor Paradox)

Yes i know i like time travelers. With Professor Paradox's control over time, i could slow down enemy fire or just flee from it entirely. While i could kill them by aging them or sending them to a different dimension, i have compassion for all creatures, i just want to give them a warning. With the ability to be anywhere across time and space in a second's notice. A simple scare would be enough to let these invaders know who's boss. And hey, if i fail, which i might, i could always go to a different reality where this never happened. But that would take the joy out of everything.

3.) Super Strength (Superman)

When it comes down to it, there's always a chance that diplomacy and threats just won't cut it, so what better way to make a statement and defeat your enemies than with good ol' Supes' super strength. Coupled with Paradox's Omnipresence and Eleven's knowledge of all alien life in the universe, their weakness is sure to show and my ability predict moves before they happen and avoid them is sure to bring any enemy to their knees. My my kindheartedness would still overtake me in the end, leaving some of the aliens with a very clear message. I would make sure they, and any other alien who tries to harm my favorite planet, will have to go through me.


Now be easy on me, this was my first post. But what do you think? Could I handle an invasion like this?


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