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Publishers: Kodansha, Tokyopop

Page count: 168 pages (not excluding advertisements)

Year published: 2004-2006

Story By: Cossette house/Aniplex

Art By: Asuka Katsura

My thoughts:

the artwork is very well done. The story is also very fast paced which does not take you very long to read, and the only pet peeve I would have to say is that the story is considerably short. It leaves a slight cliff hanger at the end of volume two that makes me want to continue when that is unfortunately where it ends, other than that it is a good story and I would recommend it to anyone who is into ghost story/ drama related stories.

the synopsis of the story:

When Eiri Kurahashi, an art student who works part-time in an antique shop, comes across a portrait of a girl named Cossette on sale in the store, her spirit appears in front of him, asking him to save her. Afterward becoming obsessed with her he finds out like all of the other antiques in the store even her own portrait has a gruesome tragic story attached to it: with all of the portraits previous owners being murdered in one bizarre way or another.

And the more he gets involved, the deeper down the rabbit hole he goes, finding out how Cossette died through the eyes of her killer, which reveals a stark warning that if he tries to save her, it will most undoubtedly end in his own death. Leaving him to decide if losing Cossette means much more to him than his life.


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