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The world is on the brink of a gigantic nuclear war! It could mean the end of this world! And somehow this all traces back to the night Abraham Lincoln was shot and killed, back in 1865.

Now, I'm just an employee at an electronics store, so I don't really have any experience saving the world. I was about ready to clock out for the night when some guy I'd never seen before approached me and told me I needed to save the world. He told me I needed to go back in time and take out John Wilkes Booth and his followers before they can kill Abraham Lincoln, or the world may perish. He told me that he can grant me 3 different abilities , but I need to choose wisely for the mission.


1. Control of Time and Space (Hiro Nakamura- Heroes)

Well, first off, I need some way to travel back in time, so I need time travel. And with Hiro's time travelling abilities, I should be able to travel back to 1865 in a synch. And with his teleportation ability, I can travel anywhere I need to in the blink of an eye.

2. Telepathy (Professor X- X-Men)

But once I get where I need to be, I need a way inside the Ford's Theater in order to stop Booth. Obviously, I won't have any money to buy a ticket since eI just came from the future, but I can use the telepathic powers of Charles Xavier to convince the theater employees to look the other way. Then once I sneak in, I'll need to use telepathy to locate Booth. And after I stop Booth from killing the President, I'll need to get into his head to find the rest of his lackys and track them down. But the only problem is, I have no idea how to fight.

3. Expert Marksmanship (Agent 47- Hitman Franchise)

That's where Agent 47's ability comes in. I'll have the knowledge and skills of probably the greatest assassin ever. With the skills of an expert marksman under my belt, I should be able to take out Booth and his men no problem.

Well, I'm about to leave for 1865. I'm pretty nervous I'll mess up somehow. But what do you think? With the time traveling powers of Hiro, the telepathy of Professor X, and the master assassin tactics of Agent 47, do you think I'll save Lincoln? Do you think I'll save the world?


Will I succeed in my mission?


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