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Let's talk about that new Walking Dead season 6 promo video AMC put up on youtube. You know, this one:

THAT. WAS. BADASS. Kinda boring, but badass!

Watch it one or two more times, just because I know you want to.


Alright, let's discuss who's missing, and why.

I know, I know, just because AMC left them out of the promo doesn't mean they're gonna die. But the faces missing are kind of big...Tara, Eugene, Rosita and Gabriel. They're all members of the group now. Well, 3 of them are...Gabriel's an assbutt. But they've all been a part of the show for a while now, and they're not in the promo!

The "Shadows" promo only shows the ones who are in Rick's group, so none of the new Alexadria folks. And at first glance, it seems to only show those who are the really big fighters in the group.

Gabriel Stokes

While he's still alive in the comics, his character is a pretty big coward in both the comics and tv show, so his time may come to an end on the show, and quick.

Tara Chambler

Tara hasn't been much of a fighter, hiding behing the tank when the Governor launched his last attack on the prison. She's killed some walkers, but isn't quite the badass, like Rosita.

Rosita Espinosa

Man I love Google.

She and her unborn child loses her head in the comics at the hand of a bald woman named Alpha, so we know her time might be coming. Maybe at the hands of Negan, maybe not!

Eugene Porter

He's another one that's still kicking in the comics, so who knows...The Mullet might make it till the end of the end yet. In the comics, he does get captured and interrogated by Negan, so who knows...

All these characters, like pretty much every other character on the show, aren't ever immune to getting whacked. I previously wrote of a theory that Abraham would die at the hands of Negan instead of Glenn, but I'm retheorying that theory.

Now, I have to wonder if it isn't going to be Eugene or Gabriel. Since in the comics, Negan chose Glenn, who along with Maggie, was half of one of the couples of the series, maybe it'll still be Abraham, just so Negan can be a jerk and break up a couple, and get rid of the muscle of the group.

As for the last part of the promo...

"Make it end now." (Sounds like Rick)
"You really think you can do that without getting blood on your hands?" (Who dat? Morgan?)

Sounds like an uprising in Alexandria! If it's referencing an attack by Negan, who cares about blood? But if it's the residents of Alexandria resisiting the Ricktatorship even more? Could get hairy!!!

Sound off! Why do you think these faces are missing from the promo?


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