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15 years ago, the mini-series The 10th Kingdom came out. It was well received, however a sequel never did come out. To celebrate the anniversary, let's test your knowledge and see how well you remember the series that combined the real world with fantasy.

Which Modern Family actor played a major role in the movie?

A. Ty Burell

B. Ed O'Neil

C. Eric Stonestreet

D. Sofia Vergara

Ed O'Neil: He played Relish the Troll King.

Where was the Evil Queen imprisoned?

A. Snow White Memorial Prison

B. Snow White Correctional Facility

C. Cinderella's Asylum for the Mentally Challenged

D. Red Riding Hood's House of Wolves

Snow White Memorial Prison: It is also where Wolf resided for "sheep worrying".

What does Wolf fixate on during the word association game with the psychiatrist?

A. Sex

B. Sheep

C. Food

D. Virginia

Food: He does mention each, but always associated with meat or food.

How does Wolf find Virginia when she wears the Troll King's shoes?

A. Magic

B. Her scent

C. Her footprints

D. The sounds she made

Her scent: He was so fixated on her he was able to use his sense of smell, being part wolf, to find her.

How did Virginia's mother try to kill her when she was a child?

A. Poisoned apple

B. Poisoned comb

C. Drowning

D. Knife

Drowning: She tried to drown her in the bathtub.

He is a dog for most of the movie and his nickname is "Prince" but what is the prince's actual name?

A. Harry

B. William

C. Charming

D. Wendell

Wendell: And he is really rather spoiled at first as well.

What is Tony's occupation at the hotel?

A. Janitor

B. Manager

C. Owner

D. He just lives there

Janitor: He constantly has to do maintenance on the elevator as well.

Why does Virginia have to cut her hair?

A. Wolf preferred it short

B. It got too hot

C. It had been cursed to grow fast and would have killed her.

D. It was accidentally cut off by an ax

It was cursed to grow fast: The Queen had cursed it, hoping to kill Virginia. Eventually Wolf did use the ax to cut her hair off.

Who turned out to be the Evil Queen?

A. Snow White's mother

B. Someone pretending to be her

C. Virginia's mother

D. The Prince's aunt

Virginia's mother: She had been brought to the kingdoms from the real world by Snow White's step-mother to be her apprentice.

What had Wolf figured out about Virginia at the end of the film?

A. She didn't really love him

B. They were related

C. She was really a princess

D. She was pregnant with their kid

She was pregnant with their kid: He could sense it with his wolf senses that they were going to have a baby.


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