ByDesirée Yvonne DeYoung, writer at
Desirée Yvonne DeYoung

My job to protect the innocent from demons and help the dead crossover.

My 3 abilities that help me do this:

1. Wolverine's ability to regenerate.

Than no matter what the demon or spirit tries they can not kill me.

2. Goku fighting skills.

That way I can kick butt and be fast enough to protect the innocent from demons and spirits.

3. Dante's ability to save or condem.

With this I can easily condem demons once I've got them in my grasp. With my hands or a weapon I can send them where they need to go.

Condem list:


Takeo from The Grudge


Save list:

Children from Sinister but all children who have died and need to crossover.

Kayako from The Grudge



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