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Alisha Grauso

Good news for anyone who is still mourning the end of Sons of Anarchy. According to Entertainment Weekly, FX is working with show creator Kurt Sutter to develop a spinoff series.

The series will reportedly focus on the Mayans, the rival motorcycle group to SAMCRO that appeared off and on throughout the series. Along with their rivalry with SAMCRO, the Hispanic gang out of Oakland also ran heroin and prostitution rings.

FX hasn't said whether or not the spinoff will be a prequel to SoA, despite Sutter having teased for a while that he wanted to get a prequel in the works. He will be executive producer on the new series, though a search for a showrunner for the spinoff is currently underway.

No word yet on when the spinoff might air, but it seems as though FX is moving forward rather quickly on this, so expect to hear of further developments sooner rather than later.


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