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As the end of August draws near, fans of FX's American Horror Story know that soon it will be time to watch and decipher the short and eerie teaser trailers to tide us over until the show premieres in October.

Showrunner Ryan Murphy has already showed us three quick teasers that have piqued our interests. If you haven't seen them already, here are the first three:

Front Desk


Do Not Disturb


Beauty Rest


Every season the only thing this show needs to get me hooked is a handful of mysterious 10 second clips.

Earlier today, Entertainment Weekly released the first still images of the cast and a bit of information about each. Take a look at the photos of characters like The Countess (Lady Gaga) and Donovan (Matt Bomer) below:

The Countess - Lady Gaga

Suzanne Tenner / FX
Suzanne Tenner / FX

The Countess, whose day-to-day is mainly composed of sex, blood, and killing with her chainmail glove, is the owner of Hotel Cortez. Lady Gaga told EW about her character, saying:

She’s extremely strong. She’s been through so much. It’s kind of impossible for anything to penetrate her.

Donovan - Matt Bomer

Suzanne Tenner / FX
Suzanne Tenner / FX

Matt Bomer will play the Countess' lover, Donovan, who has been recently cast aside as she finds a new playmate. Bomer stated that the two are somewhat mismatched:

He’s very interested in domesticity and sort of nesting and hunkering down and having her to himself every now and then, and that doesn’t go over so well with her limitless hunger.

Will Drake - Cheyenne Jackson

Suzanne Tenner / FX
Suzanne Tenner / FX

Will Drake and his son Lachlan visit the Cortez seeking inspiration. Ryan Murphy said of Drake's character:

He comes to the hotel and he is going to turn part of it into his atelier and of course he gets sucked up into the Countess.

It would appear that everyone wants a piece of the Countess.

John Lowe - Wes Bentley

Suzanne Tenner / FX
Suzanne Tenner / FX

An detective with the LAPD decides to live in the Cortez to investigate a murderous spree by the Ten Commandments Killer. But those closest to him, including his wife Alex (Chloë Sevigny), are not safe from the hotel. Bentley told EW we will see his character juggling a personal and professional life:

He has a family he loves very much but that is sort of falling apart. He struggles with a lot of things. It’s clear most of what John struggles with is control.

Ramona Royale - Angela Bassett

Suzanne Tenner / FX
Suzanne Tenner / FX

Angela Bassett will play Ramona, a former lover of the Countess who works with Donovan to get her revenge. Another AHS alumna, Bassett describes her character as going head to head with Lady Gaga's

They are powerful women at opposite sides and at odds with one another, each believing that they’re right.

Claudia - Naomi Campbell

Suzanne Tenner / FX
Suzanne Tenner / FX

Newcomer Naomi Campbell will play an editor for Vogue who pays a visit, and perhaps a bit more, to the Hotel Cortez. Campbell stated:

She’s kind of outlandish. She thinks she’s indestructible and nothing’s going to hurt her.

It sounds as if she's going to find out just what can hurt her.

Iris - Kathy Bates

Suzanne Tenner / FX
Suzanne Tenner / FX

Kathy Bates plays Iris, Donovan’s mother, who works at the Cortez to keep an eye on her son. Says Bates:

Iris is overprotective with a capital O, especially now since her son is ill. She wants to be there every day to make sure he’s all right, and she’s very controlling that way.

Tristan - Finn Wittrock

Suzanne Tenner / FX
Suzanne Tenner / FX

Last season's breakout star Finn Wittrock takes on the role of a male model and the Countess' new love interest. Wittrock says his character quickly falls prey to Gaga's alluring personality:

He’s got an addictive personality. I think he’s hypersexual also. It makes him a prime candidate for the Countess’ charms and he is very willingly seduced and then turned by her.

James March - Evan Peters

Suzanne Tenner / FX
Suzanne Tenner / FX

This season, like all of the others, will not be restricted to one time period. This time Evan Peters will play the villainous hotel designer James March. According to Peters:

He’s the builder and owner of the hotel from the 1930s, and he is unique. He designed a hotel to cater to his specific needs, which tend toward the dark evil.

Gabriel - Max Greenfield

Suzanne Tenner / FX
Suzanne Tenner / FX

Another newcomer, New Girl's Max Greenfield plays a role that was reworked for his personality. According to Greenfield, it was up to Ryan Murphy to turn him from a prep to a Spike/Billy Idol-ish character:

He’s a Hollywood junkie. Originally, he had a job and was more preppy or business. And Ryan [Murphy] came back and was like, ‘I think we should be more rock and roll.’

Hypodermic Sally - Sarah Paulson

Suzanne Tenner / FX
Suzanne Tenner / FX

I'm sure everyone is happy to see the ever-fantastic Sarah Paulson back on the show. But this time her character is a far cry from the usually clean-cut character plays. Paulson told EW:

She’s selfish. She will put a stiletto in your face if it means she can get what she needs. But she’s also like a broken rag doll.

With this list of clientele, you couldn't pay me enough to spend a night in the Cortez. However, I'll defintely be sure to watch the story unfold from the safety of my own couch.

American Horror Story: Hotel will air on FX starting October 7.

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(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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