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The highly anticipated survival horror game, "Until Dawn", was released earlier this week for the Playstation 4. For those of you who don't know about the game, the plot centers around a group of eight teenagers who head to a cabin located on a so thought isolated mountain. Soon enough, their plan of having a fun weekend getaway turns into a bloody fight for survival when a killer begins to hunt them down one by one, and YOU as the player gets to decide the fate of the characters.

The game plays like a clichéd horror film that borrows many elements from the genre and incorporates them into "Until Dawn", while introducing new ones. On my play-through of the game I happened to notice that there were many scenes/moments that made me reminisce about past iconic horror movies. So here is a list of what I encountered.

For those reader, yet to have played the game, be advised this list may contain SPOILERS!

1. Friday The 13th

Many sequences throughout the game involve characters running for their lives in the woods. However, the opening scene when characters Hannah and Beth are in the forest, being followed by an unknown presence, I think best simulates many scenes from the Friday The 13th franchise. You play as Beth as she desperately tries to find her sister, Hannah, who has run away into the eerie, frigid surroundings. We even get a glance at the stalkers point of view before the two are murdered from the rest of the game's story line.

2. Saw

In the picture above you see characters Chris and Ashley, who have just awoken after being knocked out by the killer. Strapped to the chairs, while being filmed, Chris must make the decision to either shoot himself or Ashley, the love of his life. He is pressured to make the decision very quickly as two enormous saw blades dangle above them, which will kill them both unless Chris makes a decision. All this happens while the killers voice is heard, guiding Chris on what he must do. This is all to similar to the infamous scenes in the Saw films where characters are forced to make drastic decisions in order to survive.

3. The Cabin In the Woods

This one is a little more obvious since the premise of the game is teenagers heading to a cabin, on a mountain, in the woods. Aside from just the setting of the game being in a cabin, the film and "Until Dawn" both share the mockery of clichéd scary movies while also using that setup to bring the audience to a shocking turn of events.

4. Wrong Turn

In this scene Emily and her boyfriend Matt, are trying to reach the top of the radio tower in hopes of signaling for help and rescue. When they reach the top they got a hold of the park ranger that asks what the situation is. Afterwords Emily and Matt get word that rescue will come at dawn, when the storm clears. Soon after they hear a loud thump coming from the trap door below them and realize something has followed them up there. With nowhere to go, they decide to wait it out up until the tower catches fire from whatever followed them. As if things couldn't get any worse, the whole structure now is beginning to collapse forcing the two to think and act fast if they want to survive. 2003's film, "Wrong Turn" contains a scene where three characters are running for their lives from a group of cannibalistic hillbillies. As soon as they see a radio tower they head to the top and call for help, only to find out that the hillbillies have followed them. As they are unable to reach their pray, they light the tower on fire forcing them to jump into the nearby trees to survive.

5. My Bloody Valentine

Throughout the majority of the 2nd half of the game you find yourself in the "abandoned" mines beneath the mountain. This is where you uncover more to the story, with some shocking twists. In one scene, Emily finds herself running away from a terrifying, peculiar individual, complimenting some scenes from the classic horror film which centers around a maniac stalking and killing teenagers who decide its a good idea to party in the mines of their hometown.

6. The Cave

One of the shorter scenes in the game, Josh and Mike enter the freezing waters of what looks identical to the home of the hungry monsters that hunted and ate the unlucky divers in 2005's creature feature, "The Cave". During this part, Josh is attacked and killed by one of the monsters lurking below.

7. The Descent

"The Cave" and "The Descent" were two very similar movies that were also released in the same year. Explorers searching in the world beneath only to find what lives there is a horrifying truth with a craving for warm flesh. This scene in "Until Dawn", gave me a flashback to the U.S ending to " The Descent", showcasing Sam escaping the mines holding some hungry beasts just like Shauna Macdonald did when she dug through the earth and finally getting away from the humanoid creatures living there.

8. The Evil Dead

Another one that is more obvious to spot is "The Evil Dead". It's not long before you as the player begins to realize "Until Dawn" is not just a slasher game. Strange things begin to happen that lead you to believe there might be something supernatural occurring. This is just like the events in the 1981, cult classic, in which a group of friends head to a cabin for a weekend getaway but unleash a deadly presence that won't allow the kids to leave, instead putting them through hell and even killing them. One of the more memorable scenes in the game is when Josh finds himself alone in the mines and starts to become haunted by the death of his two sisters. I won't describe it much, but it will make you recall the scene in "The Evil Dead", where Linda becomes possessed by demons.

10. I Know What You Did Last Summer

The introduction of the game is somewhat similar to the 90's slasher, "I Know What You Did Last Summer". When a group of friends decides to play an embarrassing prank on one of their own, the consequences result in the death's of characters Hannah and Beth. One year later the friends decide to return to the cabin to gain closure from what happened. However when things start to go wrong, it seems as if someone is out to seek revenge on the deaths of Hannah and Beth. Just like when a group of partying friends accidentally kill a man, they hope to cover it up, but one year later they are stalked and murdered as someone tries to seek revenge on them all.

These were just some of the movies I spotted on my play through of the game. This is how I perceived the game, so do you think the developers really intended to add all these movies into the game, or am I just a crazy horror fan?


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