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Almost about a month ago we got new images from the movie Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. One of those stills included Superman, who appeared to be in an abandoned Wayne Manor. So does that mean that the fight will most likely take place in Wayne Manor? Yes, and my article will be telling you why it the perfect setting for this epic clash.

Superman knows who Bruce Wayne really is

He looks pissed!
He looks pissed!

Superman being in Wayne Manor means only one thing, he knows that Bruce Wayne and Batman are one in the same. In this image it seems like he searching for Bruce inside the ruins of Wayne Manor and judging from his appearance it seems like they have already engaged in combat.

Batman has traps set up for Superman

Batman being able to lure Superman to Wayne Manor is in his advantage greatly. Batman could easily set up traps that are meant to either hinder Superman or slow him down when fighting him. Superman walking into unknown territory and walking into a trap that could potentially effect him could even the playing field that Batman needs in order to effectively fight Superman.

The fight is gonna be personal

Batman has a personal vendetta against Superman and when he has his chance to go up against him, he gonna give it his all to put down the alien and make him pay for what happened in Metropolis. Superman on the other hand, maybe he grown tired of Batman crusade against him or maybe he has to fight Batman because a certain someone has leverage on him. Either way seeing this two fight in Wayne Manor where Bruce has a strong emotional connection with is gonna be epic. Expect this fight to be vicious on both sides.

Titans will collide

Batman and Superman fighting on the big screen is gonna be an epic experience to witness. Seeing this two icons duke it out blow for blow is a fan's dream come true. But as we all know they will form a relationship that will later set the foundation of the Justice League. But for the time being let just enjoy two legends sharing the screen for the first time in live-action and them hating each other guts while doing it.

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Is the setting for Wayne Manor perfect for the fight between Batman and Superman?


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