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Hagrid hides the secret of the Elder Wand

Potterhead that I am, I've read the entire series 12 times before doing this. Yet, like everyone, I should have noticed before ; from Chamber of Secrets, J.K Rowling has given us all the necessary information to know that Dumbledore has the Elder Wand. And everything is linked to Hagrid.

From the Philosopher's Stone, we know that Rubeus Hagrid has a somewhat checkered past, probably because of an attraction to some dangerous creatures, like dragons. He even told Harry he would like to have one! When have we heard him talking about it? In Diagon Alley or at Gringotts in the books. And how he and Harry have acceded to Diagon Alley? By the brick wall, activated by the umbrella in which Hagrid would be hiding his wand.

The umbrella! That's the key to everything! Harry never really asked any questions about its origin - and neither do I, I must admit. Until one detail caught my attention in the Chamber of Secrets ...

Ron, because of the Whomping Willow, breaks his wand. He tries to patch it with duct tape, but it's unsuccessful. Why? The answer is obvious and confirmed by Rowling in the seventh book : the wands can not be fixed that easily. When a wand breaks, you have to replace it (which Ron did in Prisoner of Azkaban).

However, there is a way to repair them! Harry did, at the end of Deathly Hallows. He used the Elder Wand to fix the phoenix feather wand. And it worked.

And Hagrid? Don't we learn in the Chamber of Secrets that the Ministry broke his wand as they believed Hagrid had opened the Chamber? Therefore, Hagrid had no permission to buy a new one! How could he insert one inside his umbrella? That does not make any sense.

This is where Dumbledore comes into play. The professor knew Hagrid was innocent and knew that Tom was the Heir. He therefore demanded that Rubeus become his keeper of the keys. And he probably wanted to have the pieces of the wand of the poor half-giant.

You see me coming. Albus Dumbledore used the Elder Wand to repair Hagrid's wand and then, made it an umbrella.

Certainly, just knowing the existence of the Elder Wand, you can not make the connection. But Hagrid hid the entire history of the most powerful wand in the world, and the proof of its existence was in his umbrella all along.

Written by M.A Pronossard


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