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We can all be a hero...
Dylan Blyth

Apocalypses begin gradually. Fear The Walking Dead captures this reality well. This allows the pilot to establish a likable, quirky set of characters who compose the dysfunctional protagonist family: try-hard step father, independent and strong mother, junkie brother and brain box sister. In terms of character the show has no Lori or Carl yet!

Don't worry, there are zombies too, although not so many as to plunge us into a full scale epidemic! This is the main strength of the show - the gore is reduced in order to up the ante of a world crumbling apart. The scares become minimal and the drama and tension rises. Fear The Walking Dead is a show which functions better as a drama than a horror fest, and oozes future potential.

Score: 7.5/10

Will I be watching next week? Yes, definitely!

Final Thought: Fear The Walking Dead should not try to be The Walking Dead!

What were your thoughts on the Pilot of Fear The Walking Dead? Are you looking forward to next week? Let me know your thoughts down below.


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