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We can all be a hero...
Dylan Blyth

Paper Towns was marketed deceivingly as an off-the-wall romance. In reality it is a coming of age film about true friendship. It's less The Fault in our Stars and more of a lovable, cleaned up Superbad. The film will have your heart rooting for a tight knit group of friends as opposed to the traditional couple you'd expect.

One issue with the film is the flawed premise on which it is based. Every event of the film stems from a breadcrumb trail left by the enigmatic crush of our central protagonist. Margot's (the girl leaving this trail) logic is unclear throughout and downright contradictory in places especially if we consider why she left and where she left her first clue (mixed signals much?!) However, this event is the necessary catalyst for the plot.

Overall, this is a funny, heartwarming film which can be enjoyed without needing overthought.

Score: 7/10

Final Thought: A welcome change in a world of expected romance.

What did you think of Paper Towns? Did it match your expectations, exceed them or not meet them at all? Let me know your thoughts down below.


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