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Huge superhero fan love making new things with superhero comics

My name is Brandon and I make custom comic book tables/ furniture with my girlfriend Ali. We have been making these for about a year now and love coming up with awesome comic book themes for different pieces of furniture. We can do any comic of your choosing and most furniture. Both of us are huge superhero fans mostly Batman and Spiderman big nerds. We got the idea to make these tables when we moved out together and needed a coffee table for our place. We looked and looked and could not find one we loved that was us. So we decided to buy a plain black coffee table and throw comics on it. We then began to do our tv stand the same way and loved the results. Currently we have a Spiderman tv stand , a batman killing joke coffee table and another Spiderman/venom side table. We love all of them and thought I bet others would love something like this as well. From there we started posting on Facebook and more and more people have started to order from us. We love doing this like I said "big nerds ". If you are interested please either message myself or my girlfriend on our Facebook's and we can get you pricing and get started right away. Please also share us to whoever you think would like to see something like this or be interested in buying one. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read our article.

Brandon Aragon & Ali Frank


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