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Marvel is filled with plenty of stories, some that are basic, some that are complex and some that are just plain crazy. With an assortment of heroes and millions of fans, Marvel somehow manages to come up with new stories constantly to keep their fans entertained.

Below are three stories, all of which include 'guest stars,' from the Marvel comics that you may have never heard about...

Spider-Man saves the filming of Spider-Man 2 from Doc Ock

Unlike the other stories on this list, this brief story arc comes from the Ultimate universe.

When news comes out that a new Spider-Man film is being produced, Peter Parker becomes angry that Hollywood is making bank off of his name and he isn't getting a cent. He decides to go to the set out in Hollywood where the movie is being made and gives the filmmakers a piece of his mind.

Doc Ock ends up escaping from prison during this time and attacks everyone on the set, including star Tobey Maguire, director Sam Raimi and producer Avi Arad. Spider-Man gets rid of his anger for the filmmakers and rescues them from the villain, saving the day once again. It's a good thing, too. I really liked Spider-Man 2.

(left to right) Tobey Maguire, Sam Raimi, Avi Arad
(left to right) Tobey Maguire, Sam Raimi, Avi Arad

Captain America, Nick Fury and Bucky Barnes rescue Santa Claus from Hitler

This story arc actually took place within the Mainstream Marvel Universe, during 1943.

This holiday special opens with the kidnapping of Santa Claus by none other than Nazi leader Adolf Hitler so as to tear down the hope and happy spirits of America. Desperate to rescue the icon, President Franklin Roosevelt sends his best troops to rescue the jolly old man: Captain America, Bucky Barnes and Nick Fury.

Of course, the rescue went smoothly and Santa Claus was rescued. Because, really, it's a Christmas special. No one is going to die during a Christmas special.

Spider-Man and Barack Obama stop Chameleon

This comic issue also takes place within the Mainstream Marvel Universe, and is actually fairly recent.

During his Presidential Inauguration, soon-to-be President Obama watched as a second Barack Obama walked out of a nearby car. No one knew which Obama was the real one, so who did they call? None other than their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man who, after asking a few quick questions, discovered which Obama was the real one and which was the impostor.

The impostor revealed himself to be the villain Chameleon who Spider-Man quickly defeated. Obama thanks the hero in one epic fist pump, as seen below.

As I said before, Marvel is filled with all sorts of crazy story lines. Know any others? Be sure to share them in the comments, or write your own post about it and share it in the comments below! Thanks for reading!


Which wacky Marvel story arc is your favorite?



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