ByMadison Hatter, writer at "annaisbest". Being fat does not always coincide with health problems. But it's really cool how you think you're so smart continuing to perpetuate negative stereotypes about people in which you have no concept of their lifestyles. Looking like a Disney Princess or Barbie is highly unhealthy and unrealistic and thinking people should look like them leads to dangerous health problems and eating habits like anorexia, bulimia, EDNOS and dangerous trends like thigh gaps, the collarbone challenge, etc. Oh and duh, of course MODERN AGE royalty is going to be appearance conscience. They would be ripped apart and ridiculed and mocked and bullied like anyone else who looks the least bit like an average person. They would be treated like how you just chose to treat people who don't weigh as much as you. Being healthy is the only goal that a person should achieve and you DO NOT have to be thin to be healthy. You do not have to be packed with muscle to be healthy. I'm fat and guess what, I have no health problems that are in any way related to my weight. But hey, you're apparently a doctor and know everything so who the hell am I to challenge your shitty opinion.

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